Arrowhead Paving is one of the only paving companies in Greater Victoria to offer free, no-obligation estimates, quality work and a satisfaction guarantee. Arrowhead Paving provides free estimates by email or delivered in person for residential, commercial and industrial paving projects and we stand by our belief that no job is too big or too small. We pride ourselves in quality and affordable work.

Arrowhead Paving is very conscientious about the quality of our work and guarantees your satisfaction. All projects are backed with a two year warranty against faulty workmanship and we provide a Quality Assurance Guarantee for paving products which includes the strength, structural integrity and durability of our products. This provides protection for our customers from unsatisfactory workmanship in the production process and ensures the client is happy with their finished project.

Much of Arrowhead Paving’s business comes from customer referrals so we always ensure great work that leaves the customer happy. Please see our Facebook page ‘Arrowhead Paving’ for recommendations, referrals and photos from our many satisfied customers.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Arrowhead Paving provides a Quality Assurance Guarantee for paving products, on the strength, structural integrity, durability and against any defects in the material and or workmanship in the production process. Arrowhead Paving cannot accept liability where products have been used for any inappropriate purpose. Our Quality Assurance Guarantee is a commitment to ensure the highest quality products and services possible.