Easy Method on Sealing the Driveway

How do you keep your driveway looking beautiful and protected for years? There is one way to make this happen. Sealing your driveway is the only thing you have to do to keep your driveway looking pretty all year long. You will have to use a driveway sealant that is trusted when it comes to effective sealing performance. You can also learn about the easy method on sealing the driveway to make the sealant stay longer. There are so many sealant products in the market today. You need to carefully select what is the best brand and to take note of the general rules when sealing your driveway. You have to choose the right time, follow the safety precautions and prepare the surface properly to ensure that the sealing project will turn out the way you expect it. Here are the general tips you need to observe when sealing your driveway.

  1. You need to choose the right time to have your driveway sealed. You need to keep in mind that concrete driveways must be sealed sooner than you do for asphalt driveway. You can apply the sealant a few weeks after the concrete surface is installed while it takes months before it is applied on asphalt driveways. You can also seal the concrete driveway every three to five years to retain the look of your driveway. It can be a bit tricky to determine the length of time between each sealing activity but you can make your own judgment whether you want to have the seal applied again or not. The weather condition has a great impact on the duration between each sealant applications.
  2. Take extra precaution when sealing. Even if the sealants are water-based, these products contain harsh chemicals and components that can be harmful for your health. It is advised that you wear protective gears when sealing. Make sure that you wear protective clothing all the time until you are finished with the project. Use goggles, gloves and face mask. Avoid inhaling the product because its fumes can lead to respiratory problems. Wear clothes that you would not mind getting damaged as well.
  3. Prepare your driveway beforehand. See to it that there are no cracks in your driveway before sealing. You will need to clean your driveway to ensure proper adhesion of the sealant, too. You can use a garden hose, push broom or pressure water to do this. Make sure that you get rid of stubborn grease and oil on your driveway, too. You can look for special cleaners or detergent that can remove all these stains effectively and promote better adhesion.